Hi! I’m Hayley…

Welcome to my fight againt Type 1 Juvenille Diabetes!

It’s already that time again!  My family and the entire “Hayley’s Fight” team are gearing up for another successful walk season and we need your help!  This will be our seventh year walking for a cure and we are looking forward to making this the very best year yet.

Some of you may be familiar with my story and some of you may not, so I’ll give you a quick recap.  On April 29, 2005 my Momma and Daddy took me to the emergency room because my doctor said I should go.  See, I had not been feeling good at all for a couple days and felt so gross by that day that I wouldn’t eat anything.  I was SUPER thirsty though and I was having a hard time understanding Momma and Daddy.  We weren’t at the hospital very long before a doctor walked in and said “Your daughter has type one diabetes.”  I didn’t know what that meant, but my Momma sure was upset!

My whole family’s life changed after that.  I was taken in an ambulance to Texas Children’s Hospital and the next few days were spent learning how to take care of me.  I learned that shots and finger pokes were going to be routine for the rest of my life.  When we came home it was like life started all over again.  My Daddy had stayed home with Riley while I was in the hospital (but they came to see me every day) and while Momma & I were gone, Daddy had thrown all the good sugary foods away!  All of them!!  Momma and Daddy were afraid to feed me but afraid also not to feed me.  They were afraid to hurt me with shots but afraid what would happen if they didn’t give me those shots.  I can tell you the truth now too: I was pretty scared, just like Momma and Daddy.

I got used to the pokes and shots, but I don’t want to do them for my whole life.  I want to be able to eat what I want to eat, play when I want to play, and be the person I was meant to be without having to know what my stupid glucose levels are all the time!

So far I’ve had almost 8,000 insulin injections!  That’s a lot of shots! I’ve also had almost 30,000 finger pokes!  That is a whole lot of poking on one little body!  I get a little tired of the shots and pokes.  Last year I started a new insulin plan and I’m giving myself my shots… it was scary at first but now it’s OK (for a shot!).

Things have gotten better, because people like you have helped the doctors look for a cure. My Momma and Daddy tell me about new tests and medicines that are coming soon…

I hope they hurry!

Love always.

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